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Grilled Vegetable Kebab Medley


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Grilled Vegetable Kebab Medley: Serves 6
Love grilling? Then you will savor the flavor of our vegetables cooked on the grill.

Ben-Bud Fresh Baby Squash Medley
Ben-Bud Fresh Baby Corn
Colored Bell Pepper (cut 1/2 inch)
Grape Tomatoes
Pearl Onions
Olive Oil
Garlic Granules
Fresh Black Pepper
Fresh Rosemary
Metal Skewers (9 inch)
Wood skewers optional (9 inch)

2/8 ounce packs
8 ounce pack
3 each
1 dozen
1 dozen
1/8 cup
2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
2 teaspoons
3 - 5 sprigs
6 each
6 each
Method of Preparation
  1. Wash all vegetables well
  2. If using wood skewers, soak in water for 1-2 hours
  3. Pre-heat grill to medium high heat
  4. Place all vegetables, bell, pepper, tomatoes, and onions in a large mixing bowl and add oil, garlic granules, salt, and pepper to vegetables and fold
  5. Place baby vegetables, bell pepper, tomatoes and onions on skewers, alternating items
  6. Place skewers on grill for 4-6 minutes on first side
  7. Turn skewers and finish for 3-5 minutes
  8. Watch vegetables closely to avoid burning
  9. Garnish with rosemary