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Quality Control

goldsealOur quality begins at the root of our products, in the fields and farms of our domestic and offshore growers. Working for the past 20 years with safety and health conscious growers, Ben-Bud prides itself in partnering with progressive exporters who have had the foresight to implement the most technologically advanced systems to monitor their food safety practices.

Our quality control continues from the fields to the individual packers at our export partners' state of the art facilities. The quality chain remains in place, whether the product is shipped to our U.S. warehouse by air or by sea. Imported or domestic, Ben-Bud's team of highly trained inspectors will perform a quality control review, and assign the products to individual orders. Our goal will always be to expedite the timeline from field to consumer maintaining the high quality standards throughout the process.

Ben-Bud Growers, Inc. has the highest possible credit rating from both
Blue Book Services 4x and
Red Book Credit Services 4star
For over 100 years, Produce Reporter Company (Blue Book Services) has been providing domestic and international fresh produce companies with timely, accurate, and reliable credit information. Produce suppliers, buyers, brokers, and transporters alike rely on Blue Book information to make safe, informed, and profitable business decisions.

Ben-Bud Growers, Inc. (Blue Book ID# 131573) has a 4x rating and is a Trading Member with Blue Book Services. Here’s what Blue Book has to say about Trading Members:


The Best of the Best

Blue Book Services grants special recognition to businessmen and women for their exceptional trading and transporting standards they’ve maintained over the years. By granting them a Trading Membership, we certify that their companies are the "best of the best" in the highly competitive fresh produce industry.


Doing What Is Right And Fair

Trading Members are known for the pride they take in doing what is right and fair. Business connections consistently report they work hard to satisfy customers and keep trading relations intact. Honesty, integrity and commitment are part of every deal they close.


Impeccable Character

A reputation for impeccable character and successful business relationships is not a given—it is earned. Many Trading Members pass on their commitment to earning an outstanding reputation from one generation to the next. Blue Book Services recognizes and honors these outstanding businessmen and women who proudly lead the way to making the fresh produce industry what it is today.



Red Book Credit Services evaluates over 36,000 firms worldwide on trading practices, business ethics and worthiness and is available in print and on the internet. Members have access to credit rating and marketing information regarding firms involved in the buying, selling and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ben-Bud Growers, Inc. (Red Book PIN# 121525) has a 4star rating and has received the Business Character Award from Red Book Credit Services. Here is how Red Book describes this award:


The BCA (Business Character Award) logo and plaque are awarded annually without charge to members that establish and maintain a reputation of high ethical trading practices, business competence and financial stability. Performance is reviewed annually or more frequently if warranted by trade reports. A firm that fails to meet the standards outlined here is ineligible for the award.


A company through its officers, employees, or agents, must demonstrate considerable industry knowledge and a pattern of reputable operations by its length of time in business or collective industry experience. That pattern is established by, and knowledge is reflected in, trade reports received through Reference Lists, detailed Credit Inquiries, and trading Experience Reports submitted to the Red Book Credit Services Rating Department. The credit profile must reflect at least a 3.3 star rating based on 15 or more recent trade reports and responses must indicate payment within the credit terms.


Year End Financial Statements must be submitted annually for a minimum of three consecutive years and must indicate a positive net worth.